Laughing babies = Advertising Gold?

Yet another YouTube video has made its way into a television commercial, and quite effectively I might add. BMW popularized the trend with its use of a home video depicting two ecstatic children who just received what is apparently the greatest gift ever. The commercial got its point across, equating the pure joy of the children with the joy of BMW ownership. Now AIG, a financial services company, has released a new commercial of a  cute and very amusing laughing baby that was a hit on YouTube. “Laughter can add eight years to your life. So live longer, retire stronger. Never outlive your money,” the commercial proclaims. The commercial flows nicely and it’s hard to argue with a laughing baby, just ask anyone who has visited YouTube recently. Laughing babies have seemingly turned into a phenomenon. Simply enter “laughing baby” and an endless array of giggling infants appears. Or look at the numbers: as of this entry’s writing, 35,839,310 people have watched the most popular laughing baby clip entitled “Hahaha”. AIG certainly took notice of these numbers and capitalized on this popularity.


One response to “Laughing babies = Advertising Gold?

  1. Gotta admit, laughter makes you happy.

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