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Dear Small Business Marketer,

YouTube along with other video sharing sites have caught the attention of more than just at-home movie goers. A predominately print and infomercial advertiser, Oreck vacuums recently joined the video sharing community in October airing its XL21 Vacuum Cleaner commercial online through the Oreck Direct YouTube Channel. The ‘home of the 8lb vacuum’ appears to have gotten its weight up in the realm of diverse marketing by branching out to social networking forums as well. You can now find Oreck age/gender-targeted ads on Myspace by logging on as 26 year-old woman, for example. You will find a flashing Oreck banner on the top of the screen advertising its Professional Table-top Air Purifier. Through video and social network advertising, Oreck hopes to ‘suction-up’ more than just dirt.

On a tastier note, La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant in Lake Stevens, Washington is saying buenos dias to online video advertising. La Hacienda has included a video ad on its listing via Superpages Video, a new feature from Superpages. La Hacienda Mexican Restaurant’s listing pops up with not only its address, phone number, reviews and website, but also its own personal commercial giving potential customers a virtual sampling of la comida before heading out and possibly running for the border.

Loome Book Sellers
has used YouTube to reach out to customers informing them of the closing sale of their Loome Antiquarian Booksellers store. Customers were confused as to why the sale was only for walk in customers and not available on the internet as well, and Loome cleverly used the YouTube video comments to clear everything up.

The YouTube video, added on December 12, 2007, has already had 7,386 views, proving that this marketing tactic is a must-use for small businesses.
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2 responses to “Online video for small business

  1. Greetings.
    The bit on Loome Booksellers is not quite correct. The purpose of the video was to inform the public of the closing sale of Loome Antiquarian Booksellers. The bit quoted here is not an explanation of the video’s existence, but rather a response to customers who wished to take advantage of the sale over the internet, but for which we had not initially made provision due to the complexities of having two stores (only one closing) and one website for the both of them.
    Andrew Poole
    Loome Theological Booksellers

  2. Hi Andrew,

    Thanks so much for pointing out our mistake. The post has been updated and I hope we got it right this time!

    Thanks for stopping by!

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