Hyper-Local is Hyper Relevant


Dear Interactive Content Team,

Hyper local content is what affects a small town or community, or the individual neighbors of a big city. It’s little league sports scores. School closings. The best barber shops and the location of a free flu shot. It’s the every dstreet-sign.jpgay stories that impact our life.

How can big brands target their messages at the hyper local level? Should they produce separate advertising for every town? Is this feasible? Can new technology like RSS and content aggregation automate this process for them? Hyper local content makes for great websites. It separates the sites whose primary content is Associated Press stories from those who offer a unique value to their audience with information that is local and relevant.

Websites like Wicked Local (a collection of 158 local Massachusetts community sites), NeighborsGo (for the Dallas-Fort Worth area), and 9 Neighbors (for the Boston area) all focus on specific communities, or a number of communities. They let the people who live there communicate with each other and share ideas and information. Other sites, like Neighborrow , CitySearch, Going and Yelp are national sites that have templates for each local market. They are excellent examples of how local content scales nationally.

Here are 25 ideas for hyper-local content (click on the link to be taken to an example):

1. Interactive Weather updates
2. Traffic reports
3. Restaurant and local business reviews
4. “Best of” lists
5. Community pictures
6. Guides to local resources
7. Local sales and coupons
8. Polls and votes on issues of interest to the community
9. Local wedding and party planning vendors
10. Local job openings
11. Car buying tips and dealership information
12. Local news
13. Local classifieds
14. Community blogs
15. Community forums and discussion
16. Reports of interest to the community. E.g. school tests and demographic data, payments made by pharmaceutical companies to local doctors, county jail bookings
17. Newcomer’s resources 18. “Ask the expert” with local professionals
19. Community meetings, school events, local shows
20. Featured articles about local successful athletes (high school, college professional), entrepreneurs, businesses, exceptional community service contributors, local heroes, writers, artists, historical timelines, small business tips and examples of local success etc. 21. Personals 22. Local hotel and accommodations information, trip advisors 23. Wikis compiling information about local bands, events, restaurants, etc. 24. Local contests and prizes
25. Local professional resources (lawyers, doctors, contractors)
So What?

Making your content hyper local makes it hyper relevant.

(images courtesy of ReapFoodGroup.org and CultureToGo)


One response to “Hyper-Local is Hyper Relevant

  1. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

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