The Social Media Quiz

Dear Marketing Expert,

For the last several months, we know you’ve heard buzz words like “social media,” and “join the conversation” pretty much non-stop. Well, we thought that you might be interested in knowing that there are some pretty significant differences between two of these buzz words that sound like they could mean the same thing: “social media optimization” and “social media marketing”.

There’s more than one way to use social media. Social media marketing (SMM), for eample, uses the peer-to-peer networks, online communities and viral tactics to help a message spread online. Social media optimization helps make a website more discoverable. An example of SMO optimization is including social bookmarketing tags like post to and making content like videos embeddable on other sites. SMM could consist of creating groups and profiles on social networking and sharing sites. SMM is primarily focused on promotion through social networks, whereas SMO is concerned with getting visitors to link to and share your website.
Check out Cameron Olthuis’ post provides an insightful commentary on this.

Got it? Take the quiz and find out! (Scroll to the end for the answers).
Is It SMM Or Is It SMO?

1. The “Be Social” section on Miami New Times website


2. The “Apple” group on Flickr


3. The Dell “Yours is here” campaign Channel on YouTube


4. The “Share” button at the bottom of every post on TechCrunch


5. The Wired Magazine Page on Facebook



1. SMO

2. SMM

3. SMM

4. SMO

5. SMM

How did you do?


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