Web Content: Who’s Doing it Well?

Ask a Ninja

Dear Interactive Content Team,

As people change their media habits, the web continues to gain more of their attention. Watching video online has become increasingly more popular. Over 57% of U.S. Internet users say they have watched or downloaded online videos, according to a July study by the Pew Internet & American Life Project.

Since better content attracts more viewers, and more viewers equals more revenue, there is more pressure than ever to create compelling content. Web-only programs are one of the popular ways that media sites attract viewers and offer unique content to them.

Here are 5 examples of media companies creating exceptional web-based content:

1. Naples Daily News – Studio 55: A local news vodcast

2. ABC local stations: a revamp of these sites now includes video on the home page with more local content. Go here for an example.

3. CondéNet partnered with YouTube while CBS Radio partnered with AOL’s Truveo to provide broader content to their users

4. The OC Register’s “Publish Your Stuff“: a section of the website where users can publish their photos, create blogs and interact with the community
5. Wicked Local’s Spotted: a photo sharing site serving various local New England communities
And here are some of the web’s most watched original content online series

1. Ask a Ninja (on askaninja.com and YouTube) gets “as many eyeballs as Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim.

2. We Need Girlfriends gets “700,000 views per episode on YouTube and was picked up by CBS (CBS) and Sony Pictures Television in November”.
3. LonelyGirl15’s MySpace profile and YouTube videos peaked at 50 million hits.
4. Bebo’s KateModern (form the creators of LonelyGirl15) has 2.3million viewers and advertisers paying £250,000 for product placement.

So What?
Create compelling content by investing in web only programming. Look at other media companies and web-only sites for inspiration.

Want to Learn more?

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(Image courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter)


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